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ProMATIC aerosols are a convenience range of aerosols developed to provide an economical solution without reducing productivity, and compromising on quality.

All ProMATIC aerosols are manufactured using the latest technology of solvents and spray nozzles and actuators.

ProMATIC aerosols consist of a complete range of products from primers to topcoats, high temperature to underbody coatings, ProMATIC provides solutions for every eventuality a sprayer might come across.



The underbody of a vehicle is the area that is most vunerable to damage and is affected mostly by rain, salt and stonechips resulting in corrosion. This is why a tough durable protection is needed to avoid this sort of damage.

ProMATIC Underbody Protective aerosols are designed for just that. With active ingredients that fight corrosion and provide a tough protective coating, these products will give the ultimate protection everytime.


ProMATIC Pre-Gassed aerosols provide a unique means of supplying aerosols produced to any colour, any gloss level in any quantity. These are filled using the ProMATIC air filling machine.

Specifically designed for professional and DIY users wishing to make spot repairs, onsite repairs and small refinishing projects.


    ProMATIC Pre-Gassed aerosols can be supplied pre-branded with ProMATIC or printed in your own company livery to provide extra marketing.

    Pre-Gassed aerosols can be supplied as ProMATIC branded, 4 colour litho printed cans or labelled in upto 4 colours. For further information, click on the image >>>


    Download PDFBrochure: ProMATIC Product Guide

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