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About Us


1- Innovative products, allow us to keep at the forefront of the market, maximizing product performance and offering customers their own custom solutions. 2- Unrivalled customer services, is the keystone of our company. Staff training, efficient design turnaround, centralized distribution and exceptional stock control ensure that from initial enquiry through to delivery, the level of customer service is monitored and maintained. 3- Extensive stocks, further enhances our service. With all product ranges in stock at our central distribution facilities, we believe that one delivery with the right quantity produces customers’ satisfaction. 4- Customer orientated, our dedicated Sales Support Team are available to assist you in placing orders, providing you with technical support and information on our product range.
5- Exclusive products, offer a unique range of solutions, setting us apart from the general aerosol and refinishing market and enhancing our reputation as a specialist aerosol and coatings supplier. 6- Comprehensive ranges, covers most areas of the refinishing market providing a single supplier for our customers’ entire aerosol and refinishing requirements. We aim to meet and exceed all our customers’ needs and requirements. 7- Customization package, allows our customers to further expand their product portfolio and penetrate into new markets. 8- Because we want you as a customer! From the warehouse to the boardroom, our staff are dedicated to our customers. Whether it is a new enquiry, a sales order or a complete customization package, our staff continually work in assisting the smooth running of your aerosol and refinishing requirements.